Hi, welcome to the elevenify website.

For the past 5 years, I have been passionate about football analytics. This developed into a hobby of modelling and predicting the outcomes of football matches, with a particular emphasis on fantasy games.

This website is not a business. It is my personal website where I host what I am working on in my spare time.

Here is what is on this site:

Understand what is likely to happen with Predictions.

Model-derived predictions for goals, clean sheets, match results, season outcome, and more.

Understand who are the best teams with Team Ratings.

Learn which teams are strong in attack and defence.

Understand how teams play with Team Style Profiles.

Learn about a team’s propensity towards and strength in certain playstyles.

Understand the nuances with Team Analysis Articles.

Discover interesting trends in the numbers.

Paid tier:

The majority of this website is free, with some of my more advanced data and analysis restricted to paying members. If you are interested in accessing all data, analysis, and supporting this hobby, you can check out memberships here.

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Football Predictions.


Understanding the Premier League through data.